RPG Knight Bewitched 2

By Joshua Keith

RPG Knight Bewitched 2RPG Knight Bewitched 2RPG Knight Bewitched 2RPG Knight Bewitched 2RPG Knight Bewitched 2

Knight Bewitched 2 is a fantasy jRPG that includes:

-Turn-based mostly jRPG gameplay

-SNES-style 16-bit pixel graphics and SFX

-Adjustable difficulty - play on Casual for a story-driven expertise or Heroic for a actual challenge

-Play with on-screen enemies for more management or traditional random encounters

-Face uncommon and mighty Alpha Beasts for treasure and glory

-Find distinctive Skill Enhancers hidden throughout the Ambrose Underworld

-Offline gameplay with no adverts or in-app purchases

-The story of a group of heroes and mercenaries as they work together to restore a lost kingdom and face a new risk in the world of Ambrose

-*Read beneficial system specs below!*


The demise of Typhus the World-Breaker introduced peace to the world of Ambrose--briefly.

Three months after the occasions of Knight Bewitched, mercenaries Rae and Alex are hired by the Deepforge Expedition to explore the ruins of an ancient Halonian temple. Beneath the temple is an entrance to the Ambrose Underworld and the expedition's target, the lost fortress Deepforge I.

Though Deepforge I is successfully reclaimed, questions arise after the discovery of a mysterious cult embedded within the expedition. Now Rae and Alex, alongside heroes Ruth, Gwen and other allies, should examine and discover the truth behind the cult and the Deepforge Expedition earlier than it's too late.



Modern mid-to-high-end devices with over 2GB RAM and CPUs over 1.8GHz are really helpful. Do not purchase if you are utilizing a low-finish and/or older system.

*Knight Bewitched 2 is solely available in English*. For help, bugs and recommendations, really feel free to email me at [email protected]

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