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Use all the software functions of SleepGpsClienten Your mobile or tablet with ease.


· Real-time tracking - view exact direction, travel speed, fuel consumption, and so on.

· Notifications - they receive prompt alerts about their defined events: when the object enters or leaves geo-zone, speeding, theft, bridges, SOS alarms

· History and Reports - Preview or download reports. It can include various information: driving hours, bridges, distance traveled, flammable consumption, and so forth.

· Fuel economy - check the level of flammable in the tank and the consumption of flammable throughout route.

· Geofencing - allows you to set geographic boundaries around areas that are of specific interest to you, and get alerts.

· POIs - with POIs (points of interest ) you can add bookmarks to places that might be important to you, and so on.

· Optional accessories - GPS system supports various accessories

About SleepGpsClient tracking software:

SleepGpsClient is GPS fleet tracking and management system, used successfully by many companies, public sectors and personal homes around the world. It allows you to track an unlimited number of objects in real time, get specific notifications, generate reports and much more. SeepGpsClient Software is appropriate with most GPS and smart phones. It's easy to use, just log in, add your GPS devices and start tracking your objects in less than 5 minutes.

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