Slide Art : Free Jigsaw Puzzle Photo Challenge

By Y A QU A production

Slide Art : Free Jigsaw Puzzle Photo ChallengeSlide Art : Free Jigsaw Puzzle Photo ChallengeSlide Art : Free Jigsaw Puzzle Photo ChallengeSlide Art : Free Jigsaw Puzzle Photo ChallengeSlide Art : Free Jigsaw Puzzle Photo Challenge

How far can you rearrange a image turned upside down with out making any mistake ? Let s start with simple jigsaw puzzles and progress among a giant and numerous assortment of lovely photos that put you on the take a look at !

— ninety four ninety four A SIMPLE, INTUITIVE AND ADDICTIVE GAME ninety four —

The rules are easy: you have to recreate a image that has been turned upside down in a number of items.

Slide in items by items till the image is completed !

But don t overpass the number of slide allowed.

Otherwise you will have to start it all over once more !

Get the Picture ?

—— GREAT FOR BREAKS! ninety four ninety four ninety four

Once a image is accomplished a new one is automatically unlocked and so lengthy amongst a dozen of growing and difficult difficulty ranges with beautifull pictures on numerous subjects : celebrities, motion pictures, music, painting, journey, sport, wildlife : hundred of pictures to be put on the test !

Slide Art offers hours of leisure for you and your complete family

Great for espresso break, in the subway or even in boring conferences!

Slide Art : The mind teaser puzzle journey game that put your mind and patience to the check

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