Slingshot Stunt Driver

By TapNice

Slingshot Stunt DriverSlingshot Stunt DriverSlingshot Stunt DriverSlingshot Stunt DriverSlingshot Stunt Driver

This is it: 2020! This is what it all led to! All of the driving, leaping, automotive smashing, stunts and crazy shenanigans - this is the place it all ends...

Are you a brave enough stunt driver? a crazy sufficient stunt driver? a fearless enough stunt driver to SEND A CAR FLYING OFF A SLING SHOT?

Are you the #1 stuntman of 2020?

We bet you are!

In this superior, one-of-a-type driver arcade experience you will be ready to:

- Adjust the strength of the sling shot

- Choose a jumping path

- Watch your automobile leaping, flying, bouncing round till it goes smashing into the goal...

… but solely if you re a expert enough driver!

Aim fastidiously attempt to land in the marked spot! For the cash you acquire in every stunt you can buy awesome upgrades:

- Sling shot power: quicker driving = additional flying!

- Engine: for driving quicker

- Bonus: earn more money for future stuntman jumping

The further you get, the extra challenging the terrain turns into and the more carefully you have to aim your leaping.

2020 isn t the 12 months for informal automobile leaping

2020 isn’t the year for foolish, stuntman flying

What’s that? You just need to drift? Seriously, drift? Watch me drift off to sleep. You know what else drifts? Dead items of wooden.

2020 is the 12 months of the sling shot. Sling your automobile into the air, stuntman.

Sling it far you superior driver.

Sling it smashing into your target.

Be the # stuntman driver of 2020.

This is the finest driving sport of 2020 - and the craziest of all time.

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