Smiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror Studio

By IndieFist Horror Games

Smiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror StudioSmiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror StudioSmiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror StudioSmiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror StudioSmiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror Studio

Since childhood you started playing video video games, scary games and survival games. You love killing zombies and evil enemies to survive.

It was the most fun you knew. And you had at all times dreamed of growing your own arcade and motion video games, so when they known as you from the Smiling-X Corp Video Game Studio, you didn't hesitate to settle for the job. You will make your personal horror sport!

Everything seemed simple, puzzles to remedy, individuals to rescue, some zombie that will chase you, demons, ghosts, villains and heroes.

However, everything grew to become a nightmare, when the boss of the firm, extra demon than anything else, started to give you code to develop a new horror recreation with components of code that you did not understand.

Soon a cold sweat started to go all over your physique and you started to notice a slight dizziness, you couldn t cease typing in entrance of your laptop, you worked endlessly, you couldn’t rest, a demonic software was controlling you, the boss was drawing a plan to return zombies to all mankind, and his evil secretary was serving to him obtain his objective.

ninety eight five Solve the puzzles you will discover round this new horror recreation inside an Studio.

ninety eight five Enjoy the horror and challenging in an overwhelming environment playing with your headset.

ninety eight Play in ghost mode to explore with out worry and unlock all puzzles.

ninety eight five Survival and escape sport.

eighty five Dont overlook to rescue your teammates.

Note: We highly suggest taking part in with headphones on.

If you want us to enhance this escape room - simply go away us any feedback! If you want to assist us with the translation of this scary game, just message us!

(This new horror game 2020 incorporates adverts.)

Thanks for taking part in! ;D

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