Space Grunts

By OrangePixel

Space GruntsSpace GruntsSpace GruntsSpace GruntsSpace Grunts

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Space Grunts combines fast paced arcade motion with flip-based gameplay.

The year 2476, Earth's house-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy. One of those moon-bases has been sending a misery sign. Space Grunts are a group of intergalactic "problem" solvers, despatched to examine..

You play one, out of a staff, of Space Grunts, and your mission is simple: discover your way into the moon-base, and figure out what has occurred. You'll have to battle your method by way of aliens, robots, security drones and base-methods. Find the lower levels of the moon-base, and get to the core of the problems.


A massive assortment of consumables can be found all over the moon base from weapon enhancers, to destructive toys, armor, explosives, system-hacks, and extra. Use the objects correctly to advance deeper into the moon-base.


Starting with three normal Grunt weapons, you will be in a position to enhance them for more fire-energy and vary. On your means you'll also find alternate weapons, and melee weapons.


There are numerous methods to full the game, anomalies leading to bizarre locations, underground routes, and mysterious gadgets to transport you to different space's of the moon-base. On prime of these there are secret rooms and space's positioned all over the base, so never a uninteresting second!

Can you discover the core of the problems?

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