Speak Up

By Zelfi AG

Speak UpSpeak Up

Speak up solutions the age-previous query: Who is aware of extra? Do you know the 50 US states? Or the names of world's most valuable corporations? On a rotating foundation every participant ought to give an answer till one of you does not know another appropriate one. What happens to that person is your alternative, after all it’s a get together quiz…

The quiz works with speech recognition, so there won't be any cumbersome typing. In a spherical of gamers you merely lay the smartphone down in the center and say your reply. If noone can come up with a correct reply within 30 seconds, the sport is over. If anybody can come up with all the chemical parts, you probably cheated.

Speak Up has classes linked to sports, movies, science, food, enterprise, tech and more. If you have ideas for new classes, please contact us!

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