StmDfuUsb - Stm32 firmware updater via usb

By Yaroslav Trymbach

StmDfuUsb - Stm32 firmware updater via usbStmDfuUsb - Stm32 firmware updater via usbStmDfuUsb - Stm32 firmware updater via usb

Application for updating firmware of Stm32 CPU by way of usb cable using USB DFU protocol.

Realization of the utility is primarily based on next documents from company STMicroelectronics.

1. AN2606 STM32 microcontroller system reminiscence boot mode

2. AN3156 USB DFU protocol used in the STM32 bootloader

How to use application.


You mobile system must support USB-OTG.


1. Connect Stm32 board with your cell gadget by USB-OTG cable

2. Activate bootloader mode for Stm32. How to do this read in AN2606. In basic you should set pins BOOT0 and BOOT1 in right combination according to model of your CPU.


1. Select file with firmware you want to write.

- Firmware file ought to be in one of following format

- Intel hex

- Motorola S-Record

- DfuSe (STMicroelectronics DFU format)

- Raw binary

2. Set writing options you want. You can select next options

- Erase only needed pages

- Unset readout protection if need

- Go CPU after programming

3. Press button "Load file to flash" and wait for end of operation.

Additionally next operations is obtainable in application

- Erasing

- Checking flash for blank

- Compare flash with file.

You can choose this operation by way of appropriated point in menu.

Application is checked on subsequent CPU:





You can make till 30 firmware importing totally free.

After you achieved this limit you can purchase one of two providers

1. additional 100 uploading

2. limitless utilizing of utility.

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