Supernatural Sweethearts

By Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Supernatural SweetheartsSupernatural SweetheartsSupernatural SweetheartsSupernatural SweetheartsSupernatural Sweethearts

Fight off demons and shield the ones you love with the help of Oni girls!


Life wasn’t super thrilling in high college, however issues weren t all that unhealthy. Especially with a cute childhood friend to grasp out with. But one day after soccer apply, you found a unusual piece of paper with historical writing on a wall. You got a unusual feeling coming from it and determined to pull it off the wall. If solely you knew that was the only thing holding again evil spirits from taking over your school!

With monsters free to escape now, issues are looking a entire lot more harmful! Luckily, you don t have to battle alone Two women that are half of an historic clan of supernatural Oni are right here to assist you fight!

Will you be in a position to struggle off the monsters and save the faculty? Will you be able to protect your friend? Can humans and Oni fall in love? Find out in Supernatural Sweethearts!


Remi - The Tsundere Oni

Remi is one of the last remaining members of a clan of Oni and came to the human world to struggle the monsters you by accident launched. She’s a little terse at first, but once you get to know her, you realize she has a a lot softer aspect. However, it seems that you bear a hanging resemblance to someone that she fell in love with in the previous...

Megumi - The Proud Oni

Megumi was raised alongside Remi and trusts her deeply when it comes to combating monsters. She’s a proud warrior and has the skills to match, but she can be a little too confident at instances. If you re able to prove your worthiness as a fighter, she would possibly just show you a totally different side to herself.

Shizuku - The Childhood Friend

Kind-hearted and gentle-mannered, Shizuku has been your good friend as lengthy as you can keep in mind. While she doesn t have any special powers, she does her finest to help you and the two Oni battle off the monsters! Rumor has it that she s obtained a thing for you.

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