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The description of Tank Raid Online Premium - 3v3 Battles

Mobile gaming industry is not standing still. Gone are the days when mobile gadgets were used strictly for calling and sending SMS, now you can spend an hour, two, or even all day on your phone. The reason for this is the rapid evolution of games and their adaptation to mobile devices. Agree, it is difficult to imagine any smartphone without simple games that will help pass the time on the road or just fun to spend it. Today I would like to touch on one of those that will suit you as you spend your time on the road, and it can become a game of your whole life that you will want to play again and again. This is a mobile online action-mob application Tank Raid Online Premium - 3v3 Battles.

This is a multiplayer online game from the developer WolfFun. Its essence lies in the fact that you and your combat vehicle will play online with users around the world. The goals of the game are simple: destroy as many rivals as possible. At the end of each battle, you will receive the rewards needed to improve your tank. On paper, everything looks normal, isn't it? Battle, battle, battle, improve, and then again battle, battle and once again battle. In fact, this is not the case; each battle will be unique, due to the different combat mechanics. Or maybe you are lucky, and you alone destroy a crowd of enemies without ever dying? Everything can be, because the game allows you to play both alone and in a team.

And now about everything in order. Let's start with the advantages of this game. The first and most important - it is supported on the two most popular operating systems on mobile devices - Android and IOS, you can download the game Tank Raid Online Premium - 3v3 Battles on our website. The second and no less important plus is the gameplay. Since the genre of this game is Free to Play, this means that you can download it absolutely free of charge, moreover, you can achieve absolutely all game heights without investing money from your wallet, and the variety of maps and game modes will not let you get bored. By the way, the presence of the latter is also a plus. At the moment there are only:

 3 vs 3 Football. The main task is to deliver the match to the opponent's base.

3 vs 3 Team Death-match. Here everything is much simpler, in the allotted time your team must destroy as many players of the enemy team as possible.

1 vs 4 Solo Death-match. This hardcore for fans to do everything yourself. Here you will see improvements in your equipment during the battle: + 10% to health, + 10% to damage and so on. The main goal is to destroy as many rivals as possible and try to die to the minimum.

Moreover, on the way 1 more mode: 1 vs 4 Solo Survival. About him so far little is known, but it is fashionable to assume from the name that it will be no less interesting and difficult compared to others.

Well, not to mention the cons of this game. As such, there are only two.

The first is advertising, but it is worth understanding that due to the game genre, advertising cannot but be present, because the work of developers must bring them income. Moreover, this problem is solved by purchasing a premium version, which will allow you to completely remove advertising from the game, and as a bonus, it will give 6 open combat vehicles.

The second and last minus is that a mandatory internet connection, of course, since this is a multiplayer game, then without connecting to the network it will not be possible to play it a priori, the point is that a permanent connection will spend your traffic pretty quickly easy wifi connection.

Thus, we can say that Tank Raid Online - 3v3 Battles - is an excellent choice for fans of fast and dynamic battles, in it you will not be able to get bored and you will spend your time with pleasure.

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