Tegra: Crafting and Building Survival Shooter

By Avega Games

Tegra: Crafting and Building Survival ShooterTegra: Crafting and Building Survival ShooterTegra: Crafting and Building Survival ShooterTegra: Crafting and Building Survival ShooterTegra: Crafting and Building Survival Shooter

Do you like survival shooter games with great graphics and fascinating story?

Tegra its a first-particular person shooter, which you have to shoot off hordes of monsters and zombies from another world. This survival shooter tells story about the magical cataclysm that occurred as a outcome of which several worlds have been combined. Portals from the world of Tegra have opened into our world, by way of which many magical creatures and zombies have penetrated. Fight for survival in a big open world. Choose the best capturing weapons to battle in opposition to the monsters that are walking toward you.

Download Tegra: Craft, shoot and survive versus zombies in one of the greatest first-individual survival shooters. Can you determine out the key to survival in Tegra?

That sport not a clone. Unique original survival game.

The participant is the chosen person who is designed to balance the worlds and forestall the full conquer into our world. First you ll need to discover food and craft some primitive instruments.

Install to survive, craft and build in a large open world. #1 Zombie Survival Shooter.

Game features:

- A selection of weapons to battle zombies, mobs and many different opponents.

- Crafting and building. Unique craft system ninety three get assets, hunt, find many helpful objects or weapons. Over a hundred and fifty recipes for crafting.

- #1 Zombie survival shooter.

- One of best survival simulator you’ve ever seen.

- Explore the world and acquire sources.

- A fascinating storyline.

- Interactivity of the world with the environment.

- Unique various levels.

- Own a variety of game situations.

- Many unique opponents, zombies and bosses.

Are you ready to motion in this awesome crafting survival shooter recreation? If you don’t need to be lifeless, strive to craft greatest gear and shoot and kill all zombie and monsters in that taking pictures game! Survive in the large open zombie world. Begin your journey and become a hero.

Hunt. Craft. Survive. Start your best survival adventure!

Online multiplayer will be out there soon. Follow our information feed to be the first to know when you can play with friends!

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