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    Fireproof Games

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    April 18, 2018

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    2018-08-03 00:29:40

The description of The Room: Old Sins

Old Sins is the fourth and best part of the famous series of puzzle games The Room from the independent studio from the UK Fireproof Games.

The Room: Old Sins takes us to a world of complex puzzles, tactile exploration and an exciting story. A successful engineer and his wife suddenly disappear without a trace. From this strange case, the solving of puzzles begins and the search for important artifacts. The game takes us to the attic of the house of the missing family, where a strange toy house is discovered ... With the help of cunning manipulations with different objects, exploring hidden places and unraveling complex puzzles, one must unravel the mystery of the Waldgrave estate.

Old Sins differs from its predecessors in that the action takes place in tiny rooms and halls. Game location is transformed every time a player touches anything from the game world. What is important, the game does not consist of several scattered locations, and all the places, rooms and halls are connected in one piece. Changes in one location lead to changes to the other, and the mechanisms interact with each other. The Room always paid special attention to small things, and the fourth part was no exception, but, on the contrary, it became the embodiment of maximum attention to detail.

The game is easy to start playing, thanks to an intuitive touch control that helps to feel the surface of each object. A lot of items can be twisted, dismantled, to find them some application. Starting the game, it is very difficult to tear yourself away, because the game draws on an exciting system of puzzles and puzzles, fully involving the player in the process. To find one desired object, you need to explore dozens of secret mechanisms. Dealing with all the details and different things, the player gradually reveals the secrets of the disappeared family. Catastrophic errors, incomprehensible experiments, interesting features of the life of the English high society of the 19th century - all this will accompany the process of unraveling the main secret. The atmosphere of mystery and uncertainty is also supported by the corresponding soundtrack and dynamic sound effects.

The game supports English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian and is available for Android and iOS. The Room: Old Sins is marked by high ratings of many gaming publications, in particular, 148Apps and TouchArcade have put 4.5 and 5.0 out of 5 respectively.

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