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The description of To the Moon

To the Moon - this adventure game, on which the Canadian indie studio Freebird Games, released on the official website, worked on the developers, made it their first project for trading floors. A year later, the game was distributed in online services for computer games.

The game To the Moon is a classic of Japanese computer role-playing games with a tragicomic narration of the story, and with the addition of psychological drama adds a few lyrical motives. Created using RPG Maker, the game looked like a regular game with pixels, traditional Japanese features and global ideas, but, like Last Fantasy, it has a soul, luring players with its own unique world and characters for which a gamer can experience events with them.

A dream to fulfill.

At the center of the plot are two doctors working for the organization of Zygmund, their unusual task is to give people the opportunity for a second chance. In other words, a person lives life anew, and artificial memories are created in his mind. The most successful is such an operation on dying people that they could not do the most secret thing in their distant past. The next client is Johnny, a man of quite old age, who is about to leave the dying shell. Under careful study and re-creation of fragments from his memory, doctors want to find out what motivates the patient to go to the moon. However, everything is not going according to his intended plan, doctors cannot fully uncover Johnny's mind, so they delve deeper and deeper into his memories and learn about River, his ex-wife, who died a long time ago. In the final scene, it turns out that when Johnny was still a child, he met River at the carnival, watching the constellations there, he promised to meet her on the “rabbit's belly”. And the rabbit's belly is the moon. After parting in the family of Johnny tragedy happens, his mother accidentally crushed the machine twin brother Joey. To erase these unpleasant memories, mother gives the boy to take pills with beta-blockers. After a heavy consumption of drugs, Johnny forgets about his promise and about River. After some time, he meets his girlfriend again, later they got married. Later, a young man falls under severe stress, because his wife turns out to be terminally ill and wants to perform the treatment procedure. The disease took River, and Johnny was left all alone, blaming himself for her death. This is the reason for his sincere desire to go to the moon, and there to meet his beloved in case they lose each other. Doctors Watts and Rosalyn, during a difficult operation, successfully implant memories, where Johnny and River met at the Aeronautics and Space Administration. Joey also never got into a car accident and became one of the great contemporary writers of his time. Death is near, and in a coma, Johnny sees new memories, where he and River are finally going to the Moon. As the shuttle approaches the Earth’s satellite, the couple join hands, watching the beautiful spectacle. The sound of a heart rate monitor subsides.

The game is worthy of great praise.

Compared to the other giants of the video game industry, To the Moon and the studio Freebird Games deserved to be noticed by the caring public. In many ways there are similarities with cinema and literary works. The most important thing for such a project of this kind is the soul and talent invested in the development of a wonderful game.

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