Tower Ball - Incremental Tower Defense

By WaffleStackStudio

Tower Ball - Incremental Tower DefenseTower Ball - Incremental Tower DefenseTower Ball - Incremental Tower DefenseTower Ball - Incremental Tower Defense

Build towers to destroy the falling balls! Earn money and status points to improve your towers. Unlock new ranges and new towers as you go.


Gun Turrets - Shoot high-injury bullets one at a time

Bomb Towers - Bombs smash into targets dealing area of impact splash harm

Shrink Rays - Fires lasers dealing steady DPS injury

Electric Towers - Launches electrical orbs that bounce to a number of targets

Acid Shooters - Flings acid that offers poison damage and shrinks balls in a giant area

Magnets - Pulls all balls towards it, nice for combos!

Sawblades - Shred balls dealing melee injury on contact

Turrets shoot falling balls, incomes cash for every ball destroyed. Unlock, upgrade, and build your turrets to get money even faster!




• Start weak however get stronger as you play, energy-up incrementally!

• 7 unique turrets to build, each with their own abilities

• Prestige to start from scratch with even extra particular power-ups

Towers shoot balls mechanically, earn money on idle or while afk!

eight more and more troublesome levels to conquer, higher issue ranges give more money and gems

• Spend money to improve your defenses for even more destruction

• Earn gems to unlock world upgrades affecting all turrets

Incremental Tower Defense

Build your defenses from the floor up! Start off weak but get stronger exponentially as you level up.

Prestige to Power-up

Hit the prestige button to start the sport over with more money and upgrades! Get stronger each time you prestige making every new run better than the final.

An Idle Game with Strategy

Use strategy to build the excellent protection setup and maximize your earnings. Experiment to see what’s environment friendly!

Play now for free!

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