By Andriy Bychkovskyi


Google Play Indie Games Contest Finalist!

Undervault is a roguelike dungeon crawler with pixel artwork graphics and board video games influence, in which you have the ability to management dungeon technology. Game degree contains rooms of totally different types together with kitchen, bedroom, treasury, and so-known as unknown room, which you can rework into your desired room kind. The objective of the game is to escape from the dungeon.

Game features:

High problem (you will die a lot), but each playthrough is unique

• Survive. You need to take care of hunger and fatigue

• A flip-primarily based battle system with aiming, gadgets, expertise, character effects, and enemy AI

• Skills tree with the ability to focus on different play types (fighting, stealth, room generation)

Mining. Dig new rooms or connections between existing rooms

• Trading. Each dealer in the game has its distinctive list of items and prices

Compete with different players for the greatest score in the daily problem

Character leveling system. Improve sure characteristics on each degree

• Different room connection varieties - door, ladder, hole (transfer solely downward), locked door (pull a lever to unlock)

Give it a try!

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