Your Sushi

By Fоod Sоul

Your Sushi

"% ninety two of your Sushi" -% eighty one% eighty two stores and% eighty oneservices up to% eighty one% eighty two% eighty two meals. And% eighty one keys% eighty two are high% eighty one is the same level of service% eighty one is, the top is% eighty three-tier and% eighty two is the same menu is% eighty is the same is % eighty three at the best prices.

Е eighty one or in your year eightyy eighty is represented by the company ninety two of our Sushi, eighty three eighty two; % eighty add and start% eighty two users% eighty two% eighty one all the benefits of% eighty two mobile order -% eighty two% eighty one% eighty two, visual% eighty one % eighty two.

ninety three main categories on the menu of the company ninety twoashi Sushi eighty one eighty threeshi, rolls, pizza and Asian noodles in a box eighty barrel eighty five. In addition to% eighty, depending on% eighty one% eighty two and% eighty two% eighty and% eighty two% eighty on% eighty one% eighty two and in the menu "Yours% eighty three" you can also find d eighty eighty three dishes. E.g eighty have eighty: lard eighty two, dessert eighty two, drinks and eighty two.d.

ninety eight eighty one eighty two The eighty of the company started in 2011. Today it has branches in Po eighty one eighty one and Kazakhstan. In cities eighty five business eighty two eighty one eighty two eighty one eighty two eighty two companies are increasing% eightyy eighty eighty positions:

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Gornopravdin eighty oneк

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Chelyabin eighty oneк

Се % eighty two and% eighty sold at% eighty three% eighty one franchise terms. ninety three main unit is located in Chelyabin eighty one. Website: We invite you% eighty% eighty two% ninety one% eightyov to open% eighty one% eighty one% eighty one% eighty one% ninety two% eighty three% ninety one% eighty five% eightyods.

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