By Michael Huebler


--- ATTENTION: THE APP REQUIRES ROOT RIGHTS FOR FULL FUNCTION. Without root rights it cannot access your risk encounters, then there are only three functions: 1. Testing how many positive keys can be loaded from the server, 2. Using RaMBLE data and 3. Demo mode. ---

The warning app companion app helps you to better understand and classify warnings from the warning app.

What the app does:

1. The app reads - if it has root rights - the Rolling Proximity IDs recorded by your device from the database.

Alternatively, the app can also read a database exported from RaMBLE (even without root rights).

2. The app loads the positive keys from warning servers in the countries you have selected. For Germany, it loads the keys published daily for the last few days and today's keys published every hour. As a result, you may see different information than what is displayed in the Alert app. The positive keys for the last 14 days are displayed.

3. The app compares both to find matches (risk encounters).

If risk encounters are found, it shows the details:

At what times and with which Radio attenuation (roughly corresponds to the distance) the encounters took place and what level of risk the encounter had.

In RaMBLE mode, the position of the encounter can also be displayed, because RaMBLE saves one for each entry Geoposition.

What the app doesn't do:

- The app does not process any personal data.

- The app only accesses the above Purpose 2 to, i.e. it only loads data from warning servers and it does not send any data to other servers (unless you activate the map display in RaMBLE mode, then it loads a map from OpenStreetMap servers).

- The app shows no advertising.

Open Source:

The source code of the app is published on GitHub (https://github.com/mh-/), so you can check the source code, You can also build the app yourself and like to contribute to improvements.

Supported countries:

- Germany, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Latvia and Spain

- Austria

- Belgium

- Canada

- Czech Republic

- Netherlands

- Poland

- Switzerland

- England and Wales

The countries can be selected via the menu at the top right of the app.


- The app is used for private purposes only, it is not used for any business purpose.

- The app is not a "hacking tool". It only reads data from the memory of your own device, which are stored there unencrypted.

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