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The description of World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is a popular multiplayer online game from the company Its announcement took place in 2013. It is intended for playing on tablets, smartphones that run on Android.

  Description of gameplay:

World of Tanks Blitz created in the style of World War II. The game is based on tank battles that take place commandingly. Fights occur 7 to 7 or alone. You can go with friends to explore the territories. Players have the opportunity to improve their armored vehicles, use different combat techniques, which allows them to defeat the enemy. First you need to pick up a tank for yourself. It is already brave to go into battle. In one command, tanks of different nations or classes can be present. To win, you need to destroy the enemy and his entire team within 7 minutes. You can simply capture a neutral base, which has special designations. Other game modes are also available, for example, "Excellence". Here, the team will be able to win if they destroy all the enemy's equipment or gain 1000 points. Earn them can be quite simple: destroy technology, capture points, the enemy. In the game you can form platoons, join clans and go on the offensive. The World of Tanks Blitz offers 25 maps, which differ in climate, buildings, relief, weather. Much has been taken from real historical battles.

  World of Tanks Blitz Features:

Players are offered about 200 combat vehicles. They were divided into several classes: heavy, light, medium tanks and anti-tank ACS. The technique represents different countries that participated in the Second World War. It can be optimized, that is, set up equipment, change guns, use camouflage. All fights are completely unpredictable. Success largely depends on the player and the team in which he is composed. The graphics in the game are as realistic as possible, which will allow them to fully plunge into the battle. There are corresponding sound effects that will completely immerse in the game.

  You can download World of Tanks Blitz on your Android absolutely free and start your grand battle! More than 90 million users around the world have already been able to appreciate the game. The maximum simple management, minimum skills - all that you need, and of course, the desire to win! The game will require access to the Internet.

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2018-08-09 23:32:17
World of Tanks Blitz turned 4, and you've been invited to a party! On this occasion, we released Update 5.0 and prepared some GIFTS for you! In Update 5.0: · Freedom for equipment! Unlock it using credits without any timers. · Star-Spangled July event: get the KpfPz 70 container and other rewards! · Flagship attachment. Suitable for all Soviet Tier Xs. · A bright morning in the Vineyards. Darkness has gone, visibility is excellent!
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