Battery Alarm PRO

By Zoran Vujacic

Battery Alarm PROBattery Alarm PROBattery Alarm PROBattery Alarm PROBattery Alarm PRO

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question.

[email protected]

Before putting in the PRO model of the battery, strive to make sure that it is suitable with your mobile system with the free version:

PRO model helps:

* voice alert in a number of languages

* alarm delay from 5 seconds to 12 hours

* widget

* alert sound selection

* disguise icon from notification bar

* male / feminine warning voice

Supported languages (Voice alert and textual content):

English, čeština, dansk, Deutsch, español, français, Indonesia,

italiano, magyar, Nederlands, polski, português, român eighty three, slovenčina,

svenska, srpski, Türkçe, eightyус eighty oneкий, Ук eightyа ninety sevenн eighty oneька, ninety fiveλληνικά, Tiếng việt,

ninety seven 本語, 中 ninety six , 한국vert어, ไ ninety sevenย, عربي , فارس


* The cover icon option works on androids above 7.0

* For some languages, the voice alert only exists in the female voice.

* Male voice is not supported for the following languages:

Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Serbian, Czech, Chinese

Unfortunately I couldn't find the male voices.

This software does not use Internet, GSM, GPS, Wifi.

Battery consumption is minimal !!!

On Xioami, Redmi ... (Android 8, 9, 10, eleven):

When you open the recent apps palette, press and maintain the app till a menu appears and you can click the lock.

And flip off battery optimization for the battery app.

On Huawei (Android eight, 9, 10, 11):

Lock the app on Huawei telephones in recently used apps.

When you open the recent apps palette, drag the app down (it will be locked)

OnePlus customers:

Look for the "Battery" app in "Settings", then click on "Advanced", then "Optimize battery", simply verify the "Do not optimize" checkbox. OnePlus prevents application functionality by default (to save power).

See websites:


Vujacic Zoran

Belgrade, Serbia

[email protected]

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