bit Dungeon

By Kinto Games LLC

bit Dungeonbit Dungeonbit Dungeonbit Dungeonbit Dungeon

"It's a well and elegantly designed sport that's not afraid to permakill you"

"The distilled essence of every eight-bit motion role-taking part in game ever. Love it." --Kotaku

"Bit Dungeon brings together The Legend of Zelda s high-down dungeon stomping, Diablo’s loot lust, and the unforgiving problem of roguelikes inside a slick retro-style quest." --Mac|Life

"It’s great fun, made even extra entertaining by the retro visuals that deliver to mind classics like The Legend of Zelda on NES." --Game Trailers

√ As featured in TegraZone!

√ Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD!

√ 16-bit Graphics

√ 8-bit music from STRESS_TN

You and your wife have been captured by demons...

You wake up what seems like hours, maybe even days later trapped in a prison cell, and your wife is missing. You discover a sword in your cell and vow revenge in opposition to the beasts who took your spouse - the quest to find your spouse and destroy the demons begins!

bit Dungeon combines the randomized loot of Diablo and quick motion combat of Zelda. Explore randomized dungeons and hack and slash your method by way of harmful bosses. The difficultly increases as you turn out to be stronger and stronger. Build your character how you want with deadly passive talents.

Just like the traditional quarter crunchers of old, if you die you lose everything and begin all over. Can you make it to the end and save the day?

•If you die you lose all gadgets and start over.

Extra Life: at Level 4 you obtain a Soul after the boss as a substitute of more magic. When you die this soul provides you a second chance.

Nvidia Shield Controls:

• Left Analog Stick” to management the character.

•Hold down the “A" Button to charge up and use a STUN ATTACK.

•Once CHARGED your next attack will be a POWER ATTACK dealing the whole [Attack Damage Critical Damage Armor]

Hold down the “A" Button to BLOCK any attack.

Touch Screen Controls:

Touch to control the character.

Hold down “Touch” to charge up and use a STUN ATTACK.

Once CHARGED your subsequent assault will be a POWER ATTACK dealing the total [Attack Damage Critical Damage Armor]

•Hold Down “Touch to BLOCK any attack.


LifeRegen Regens life slowly over time.

LifeSteal ninety three Steals life and heals you per hit.

DeathStrike – Chance to immediate kill normal enemies.

Chop Chance to take off 25% of complete life in one hit.

Cleave ninety three Chance to do "Double" attack Damage.

Proc Chance to shoot a magic bolt on hit.

Crit – Chance to do a Critical hit (Critical Damage3).

Defend – Chance to block all enemy Damage on hit.

RunSpeed the movement velocity of your character.

Attack Damage – Normal hit Damage.

Critical Damage – Critical hit Damage.

Armor ninety three Reduces Damage by a percent.

Life ninety three Increases max life.

*Note: If it seems your system resolutions isn't supported e-mail [email protected] I will help that device with an update*

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