Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

By Gigantic Duck Games

Bombergrounds: Battle RoyaleBombergrounds: Battle RoyaleBombergrounds: Battle RoyaleBombergrounds: Battle RoyaleBombergrounds: Battle Royale

Enjoy Battle Royale like never earlier than in this retro-inspired action recreation!


In this cute yet deadly world, animals are fighting over their likelihood to reign over the land! However, solely one animal may rule them all... Experience this chaotic, fast-paced, and motion-packed world by inserting down bombs, blowing up crates, opening treasure chests, accumulating power-ups, avoiding traps, and eliminating your opponents while trying to remain the last one standing. Do you have what it takes to become the leader of this land?


- Place down bombs to blow up crates and open treasure chests

- Gather power-ups to turn out to be larger, faster, stronger

- Kick the bombs by swinging your bat to send them flying toward your opponents

- Swing you bat at different players to stun them, or charge up your swing to insta-KO them!

- Max out on energy and roam the map to create mass destruction and turn into the kill - leader!

- Be the final one standing for that candy Victory Royale


- Up to 25 folks per match

- A large map with traps that shrinks over time

- Friends record and chat

- Team up as three players to guarantee you all get positioned in the similar match

- Customize your character, bombs, and kicking bat - with extra to come each season!

- Ranking system and a leaderboard to show off your talent stage

- Mobile, controller, and cross-platform support

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