Crafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore Worlds

By PlayKids Inc

Crafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore WorldsCrafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore WorldsCrafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore WorldsCrafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore WorldsCrafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore Worlds

Craft and explore infinite huge worlds!

Create and build new lands freely and uncover new realms filled with epic block-based constructions and enjoyable characters to work together with! Travel throughout epic worlds you can mold and build any means you need!

Live thrilling adventures as you discover and discover new locations in expansive lands, all full to the brim with unimaginable artistic prospects! Dive into a entire new crafting universe and build your own adventures and stories, in a game excellent for inventive kids!

Craft blocks and construct something you can think about in expansive and fully explorable sandbox worlds! Build and craft houses, castles, fortresses,villages and even an entire city or your very personal crafting realm!


⛏️Explore huge worlds filled with epic constructions!

⛏️Fly around worlds and lands freely! There's no building you can't get to the top of!

⛏️Build and Craft ANYTHING!

⛏️Create your personal house, citadel, village and metropolis. Let your creativity unfastened!

⛏️Play with a simple interface and craft your desires simply!

⛏️Interact with enjoyable block characters, and animals and pets!

⛏️Create your personal tales and adventures while exploring various sandbox worlds!

⛏️Play freely with numerous blocks and place cubes nevertheless and wherever you need!

⛏️Explore, create, craft and construct with different tools!

⛏️Use your development abilities with easy and enjoyable constructing mechanics and mine your imagination to create your personal lands and realms!

⛏️Enjoy countless hours of fun for children and all artistic and artful minds!

⛏️Explore all the building prospects and use your blocks and cubes with free and creative gameplay!

Explore a complete realm of free crafting and constructing enjoyable and discover every nook and cranny of vast and unique worlds! Craft your own way to play and have fun flying round unbelievable lands made of crafting cubes and blocks!

Make the most out of the easy and enjoyable constructing tools! Start with a small home, then use extra blocks and cubes to craft more homes and buildings and soon you'll have your own village or metropolis with residences, public buildings, parks and even a mine!

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