Endurance: dead space (Premium)

By Ivan Panasenko

Endurance: dead space (Premium)Endurance: dead space (Premium)Endurance: dead space (Premium)Endurance: dead space (Premium)Endurance: dead space (Premium)

Searching for new 2d video games with interesting and engaging story? Or are you wanting for breakneck immersive battles in dungeon crawler setting? Or maybe your purpose is to discover one thing with roguelike sport and rpg parts at the identical time? If so, then Endurance is best selection for you!

Let me tell you what Endurance is about:

Endurance is a prequel of Ailment (one other high down sci fi action capturing second game with the story telling setting, which got some nominations and awards in 2019, such as Best indie recreation and became twice Game of the Day).


Endurance will inform you the story which occurred earlier than occasions in Ailment (you don t have to play Ailment before). You re a researcher on a spaceship called Endurance, and one day your space group, your associates get contaminated and turn out to be insane and start performing like zombies.

"There's an an infection amongst us, that turns them into hostiles!" - says one of your area staff mates. So your goal is to survive on this spacecraft and discover out what happened to the crew, how this disease or infection unfold out round this spaceship Endurance, and also rescue your space staff associates that get into a hassle and not let them get this disease. You ll be preventing with your former area group, colleagues and associates, to prevent the spaceship’s doom, and you’ll be trying to survive this bullet hell nightmare utilizing tones of guns.


Endurance has sci fi doom atmosphere and outdated college retro vibes as it is pixel art 2nd recreation as nicely as it s indie recreation. It also has horror parts and typically scary atmosphere, which makes the story more partaking. You positively going to like it going by way of this path of journey. Even though you’re on a spacecraft you still get these hardcore dungeon crawler components as the levels are built in the dungeon like type.

This adventure taking pictures recreation is full of references to some sci fi motion pictures as properly.


In this 2nd sport and prequel of Ailment, you ll be amongst your house team - habitable and talkative characters, their funny jokes and good humour that break a bit this horror and darkish atmosphere to make you loosen up and get prepared to get into motion in next hardcore doom like battles with infected enemies.


There’s a huge arsenal of guns that you can use to defeat you’re the entire army of these contaminated zombie like enemies with your area staff NPCs, to survive and uncover the whole story of illness, and how this an infection appeared on this spaceship and among us, all of the crew members.


To maintain you engaged till the very end this journey second recreation has good selection of levels with cool mechanics such as: tower defence type, runner type, motion taking pictures type, quest type. Endurance has doom like environment

And now simply to sum up all the great characteristic of Endurance:

* Tons of completely different weapon

* Variable game-play mechanics

* Brutal animations

* Atmospheric music and sound effects

* Ability to deliver NPCs with you

* Liveable and talkative characters

* Good humour

* Hardcore gameplay

* Intriguing story

* Super easy controls

* Hardcore boss fights

* Adventure like plot

Endurance doesn’t require internet connection (totally offline), so you can play wherever: in a bed, at residence, on a airplane, in a bus, in metro, in any transport!

So If you re a selecting amongst thousands of action video games and you're hardcore participant and a huge fan of games like doom, enter the gungeon, spaceship 2nd games, indie games, RPG, 90s retro video games, dungeon crawler, motion shooter or adventure video games with roguelike components, survival games, you want to stop doing no matter you’re doing, obtain and play Endurance proper now! And you ll have superb hours of gameplay engaged with this cool story and it’s twists!

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