forDiabetes: diabetes self-management app

By Tessera Multimedia

forDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management app

Designed for managing diabetes, this app is a useful tool that enables you to monitor and monitor key diabetes knowledge (blood glucose stage, exercise, carbs, blood stress, HbA1c, weight, treatment and so forth).

The automated knowledge entry using 3rd celebration apps and units in mixture with the effortless guide import by utilizing completely different algorithms make data assortment an simple task for you. The app analyzes all data and exports detailed reviews that you can share with your caregivers on-line anytime.

Whether you have Type 1, Type 2, LADA, gestational diabetes or pre-diabetes, forDiabetes tracks almost all elements of diabetes therapy and facilitates your everyday life.


- A logbook for blood glucose, meals, activities, medicines, blood stress, weight and so forth

- Automatic knowledge entry utilizing 3rd-get together apps and glucose meter devices with Bluetooth or NFC connection like: Google Fit, Fitbit exercise trackers, Contour Next ONE Contour Plus ONE glucometers, GlucoMen areo GlucoMen areo 2K glucometers, Beurer GL50 evo glucometer, Control Bios TD-4277 glucometer etc

- Effortless guide knowledge entry

- Export and share reviews

- Access to the Web software ( for superior options (e.g. export filtered information in different codecs: Excel, CSV HTML)

- Estimation of HbA1c based on blood glucose history

- Data presentation with semantic colours

- Offline help. View, add, or modify knowledge, even when there is no network connection and sync when the system is again online

- Setup goals for: blood glucose range, daily exercise, daily carbs and so on

- See your progress with helpful charts based mostly on your defined goals for: blood glucose, meals, activities, weight, blood stress and so forth

- Real-time knowledge sharing with healthcare providers

- Reminders of measurements, tests, appointments and so on

- Your daily measurements in the dashboard at a look

- Multi-language support (Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Ελληνικά, Polski, Português, Slovenščina, Bahasa Indonesia)

- Login with your Facebook or Google account

- Support completely different models for blood Glucose (mg/dL or mmol/L), for distance (km or miles), for weight (kg or lbs)

forDiabetes: a step to a higher life!

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