Glow Monsters - Maze survival

By Crescent Moon Games

Glow Monsters - Maze survivalGlow Monsters - Maze survivalGlow Monsters - Maze survivalGlow Monsters - Maze survivalGlow Monsters - Maze survival

Eat all of the cubics, evade the monsters and survive... in Glow Maze!

A nice new Pac Man styled arcade recreation for 2015!

Rotate the bridge to change the path s direction.

Survive until you eat all the cubics in each maze.

Various glow monsters with special expertise will try to catch you,

escape from them utilizing the rotating bridges and give the monsters the slip!

◆ FEATURES ninety seven

- Unique combine of genres, with action, puzzle, and basic arcade game play components.

- Creative gameplay ninety three Create your own means to beat each stage.

- Two buttons, tons of strategies.

- Various monsters with different particular skills.

- More than 100 levels on 6 planets.

- Mind blowing problem modes.

- Beautiful glow graphics designed to help both iPhone and iPad.

ninety seven SUPPORT ninety seven

Help us enhance our recreation. We love your suggestions.

Contact us at [email protected]

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