Idle Streamer - Become a new internet celebrity


Idle Streamer - Become a new internet celebrityIdle Streamer - Become a new internet celebrityIdle Streamer - Become a new internet celebrityIdle Streamer - Become a new internet celebrityIdle Streamer - Become a new internet celebrity

Walk the path from the bedroom studio to the largest gaming movie star in this idle clicker!

Make a game streaming and turn out to be a nice internet influencer.

Start your stream

Now is that joyful time when gaming or vlog can convey you a lot of money. Don t twitch, calm down and become a streamer! Create a tube channel and play trending games on it. Make your gaming vlog popular and start a way to a famous tuber profession.

Promote your channel

Get extra followers and become the largest recreation business influencer. Chat with subscribers and type a fandom. Make a stay stream, collect likes and donations. Earn money and improve your studio and equipment to make your streams even cooler like a actual tube tycoon.

Make cash and become a celebrity

Get hundreds of followers and subscribers and tens of millions of views like a big internet star.

Earn a lot of money with every live stream and get pleasure from likes from your fandom

Try the lifestyle of a well-known influencer in this idle clicker and tuber tycoon simulator!

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