Killer Bean Unleashed

By Killer Bean Studios

Killer Bean UnleashedKiller Bean UnleashedKiller Bean UnleashedKiller Bean UnleashedKiller Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean was as soon as a member of an elite company of assassins, until they tried to kill him. Now he's on a mission to get rid of them all, one bullet at a time!

ninety seven 19 INTENSE LEVELS

3 Modes of Play: Story Mode, Mega Levels, and Survival Mode!

To survive them all, you have to be really good. To conquer them all, you have to be a LEGEND.

ninety seven THIS IS NOT A DASH GAME

Become Killer Bean and use your excessive talent to take down your enemies. This is an intense 2d shooter that combines old school gameplay with new school graphics!

ninety seven UNLOCK SUPER AMMO

Killer Bean has distinctive weapons that can fire any sort of ammo. Unlock all 12!


You've seen double jumps, but have you ever seen triple jumps? It's almost like flying!


The more correct and environment friendly you are at killing unhealthy beans, the more gold cash you are rewarded. Learn to be a master murderer!

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