My Little Unicorn - The Virtual Pet

By winkypinky

My Little Unicorn - The Virtual PetMy Little Unicorn - The Virtual PetMy Little Unicorn - The Virtual PetMy Little Unicorn - The Virtual PetMy Little Unicorn - The Virtual Pet

You are about to have a great time with this new unicorn recreation where you have the likelihood to look after your personal digital pet. Make sure you pamper her and understand her needs in each scenario. The unicorn must take a bathtub, fill the bathtub, and let the fun begin. Entertain her by making some soap bubbles and start the washing course of. Clean her fur and her hair with shampoo and rub it until it makes foam. Rinse and proceed until she is all cleaned up. Take her to the physician's salon and apply a medical therapy that will make her feel better. Use the hand sanitizer and shield her with a masks to be safe. Always be clear and cool! Now your unicorn can exercise and get in higher shape. After the gym session, your little animal is hungry and wants meals right away. Prepare a scrumptious and healthy meal for her. Once she's full you should brush her teeth. Have good dental hygiene and take away any sign of leftovers that may damage her enamel. There are additionally some funny activities your unicorn will attend to. Get ready to fly with a parachute and feel the adrenaline whereas you are touring through the clouds. The recreation has a costume step the place your little unicorn will costume up in completely different characters. Find the appropriate gadgets to create the look of a police officer on responsibility and decorate her correctly. You can also try on a cute batman costume with personalized particulars. Try to make your virtual pet happy and maintain looking after her.

The game brings awesome options like these:

- Easy management of the sport

- Pretty outfits and equipment

- Owning a digital unicorn

- Become a nice caretaker for animals

- Leaning the primary needs for your pet

- Entertaining activities to full with your unicorn

- Free of charge

- Understand the importance of good hygiene

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