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Perfect World MobilePerfect World MobilePerfect World MobilePerfect World MobilePerfect World Mobile

The Soul Hunter class, a perpetual, unstoppable, magical damage-dealer, has arrived in Perfect World to reap what is theirs! Become champion of your local server and take part in the Supreme League to reign as champion over all foes. With the courses balanced and brand new Cultivation and Challenge Dungeons awaiting Seekers, Perfect World is again and higher than ever! With subsequent-gen graphics and a vast open-world, stride above clouds as you soar past the bend of the horizon, walk boundless lands spread throughout a myriad of biomes, and dive deep into an ocean as blue and deep as it is mysterious, Perfect World beckons you to journey!

[Death is Merely the Beginning]

The mysterious Soul Hunter possesses staggering DPS and burst injury abilities, and can reap the souls of defeated foes to deal brutal injury or ensoul themselves and allies. Should an ensouled target fall in battle, they shall rise again by way of the may of their spare soul!

[Storm the Gate of Wraiths as a Squad]

The Gate of Wraiths have been flung wide open, permitting an countless onslaught of wraiths to invade. Now, the Perfect World's only hope is in the gathering alliance of heroes. Perfect World needs you now more than ever, Seekers. Go forth and make your stand.

[Conquer the World through the Supreme League]

Test your mastery of strategy and techniques against different guilds. Should you turn out to be champion in your local server, know that you face the biggest guilds the different servers have to provide. It is time for legends to clash and for glory to reign.

[Reforging of a thirteen-YO Classic IP]

Inheriting the legacy of a thirteen-yr traditional, Perfect World Mobile bears with it the greatest options of its predecessor, restoring the distinctive setting and class decisions to bring you the most genuine PW expertise. The Humans, the Winged Elves, and the Untamed have made their return to the Perfect Continent!

[Fulfilling all your Xianxia Fantasy Needs]

With exquisite graphics and a nigh-infinite trajectory of improvement for each your character and your gear, claim dominion over Yin and Yang and seize control over the five elements to ascend to the apex of immortality. Here all Perfect World, you wildest Xianxia fantasies await.

[Next-gen Graphics Seamless World]

Cinematic graphics that incorporate sensible lighting and shadow effects guaranteed to immerse you in the full quality of shifting seasons and dynamic climate that breaths life into a world in contrast to any other: a large panoramic world the place the three major cities are at their greatest and most beautiful!

[Take Flight into New Adventures]

The Perfect Continent spans over 60,000 square kilometers, all seamlessly linked together by a panoramic three-dimensional map that integrates the unique omni-directional flight system that elevated the original Perfect World to stardom. Claim the good skies with your personal aerogear!

[Thrilling and Diverse Battles]

Well balanced and optimized for cooperation between a number of courses, with every having its personal distinct traits and strengths. Take to the skies, the land, and the oceans as you wish. Wage wars in large multiplayer dungeons and claim your glory in epic guild conflicts.

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