Tower Fortress

By Nitrome

Tower FortressTower FortressTower FortressTower FortressTower Fortress

A mysterious tower has risen! It emits plumes of noxious inexperienced smoke from

its summit making individuals sick. Strange creatures infest the tower but if

nobody tries to ascend it we will all be doomed!

Are you that hero?.....


- Randomised for replay. Every run is totally different!

- Evolve your skills and skill to progress ever additional up the tower!

- 4 Themed zones to ascend!

- Unique hazards and monsters to each zone!

- four Epic End Zone Boss Fights!

- Loads of Gun Types including, Laser, T Gun, Bubble Gun and Shotgun!

- 25 Suits to unlock each with distinctive abilities that have an effect on play.

- Upgrade your self at the end of each stage with 20 upgrade talents!

- Important info -

This recreation accommodates third party promoting and cross promotion for different nitrome games, both which can be eliminated through a one time In App Purchase.

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