Fantasy Cave D

By Roguelike

Fantasy Cave DFantasy Cave DFantasy Cave DFantasy Cave DFantasy Cave D

ninety four️Create your staff! Plan your journey in this FREE Roguelike Dungeon Crawler with gorgeous monsters and objects.

⚔️In this Mystery Dungeon, you will create characters from a selection of races, oversee their coaching in skills, and lead them into a mysterious dungeon on a mission of exploration, mapping, and looting. Along the means, you will encounter tons of of exotic and terrifying creatures. As you venture deeper into the cave, you will discover rare and powerful artifacts. Don’t neglect to enchant your items to advance. The deeper you explore, the extra pleasure and challenge you’ll discover.

ninety four️This dungeon exploration recreation takes many parts from classic roguelike games and is influenced by Mordor depth of dejenol. Death is not everlasting like traditional roguelike however have a heavy penalty, objects and dungeons are randomly generated. This game is made to be difficult and is actively supported by the developers.

ninety four️FANTASY WORLD

Set in a fantasy land called Slime World, you to have to create your personal staff with specialised abilities and try to descent into the cave. Being too hasty will in all probability finish in death, besides if you are lucky enough to discover a town portal. Will you be strong, fast, resistant or have a robust mind


Each monster is completely different than others, being able to determine a scenario can save you tons of time. Better to run generally than to face somebody stronger


Items can be enchanted and turn out to be immensely stronger in the process. Each time an item is enchanted there is a small probability that the merchandise rejects the new energy and is destroy, evaporating into thin air. Losing gadgets is part of the course of of becoming stronger. It is mentioned some that a warrior made a 12 sword of the evening


As you stage up, you will turn into stronger and study new expertise that can help you survive in the dungeon.

ninety four️KEY FEATURES

° RPG Dungeon exploration game with hundreds of monsters and items

° No level restrict, turn into as sturdy as you can

° Based on outdated classic games

° Actively being develop

° Set in the fantasy world of slimes and mythic creatures

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