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2D roguelike motion shooting.

A critical motion taking pictures game optimized for smartphone operation.

An arcade-like action sport that you can play significantly when you want to play.

The seize that changes with gear.

A system designed to make item recovery comfy.

Capture the mysterious ruins that change every time you play!


You can fly around with your fingers with out limit.

Flick to transfer, faucet to shoot, long press and purpose 360 degrees freely charge shot.

We will use these actions to seize randomly generated ruins.

-Item collection

There is a treasure box in the area, and the equipment drops by opening the treasure box or defeating enemy.

Annihilating the enemies in the subject makes it potential to use an straightforward-to-use item restoration system, which allows you to select and retrieve objects comfortably.

Let's change to stronger tools and aim deep in the ruins.

-Roguelike sport

If your life is misplaced and the recreation is over, your equipment will be lost and your second problem will be from the starting.

In order to move deeper, you will rely on the player's memory and skills.

What on earth are the issues that wait in the back of the ruins ...

Aim for that and attempt challenging.

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