The Enchanted Cave 2

By Dustin Auxier

The Enchanted Cave 2The Enchanted Cave 2The Enchanted Cave 2The Enchanted Cave 2The Enchanted Cave 2

**Full premium version with no IAP!**

Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly countless provide of treasure, strategically choosing your battles to gather as much treasure as attainable!

Find uncommon artifacts, gold, and stat gems, and traverse the skill tree to turn out to be your alternative of a mage, warrior, alchemist, or a mix of abilities. Craft potions, enchant your tools, and discover secret areas! But be cautious as a result of the cave has turn out to be quite dangerous lately with extra explorers going lacking each day


The Enchanted Cave 2 is an RPG/roguelike with a heavy focus on threat vs reward. Strategically selecting your battles, building your character, enchanting your equipment and knowing when to escape the cave are crucial to succeed.

---Key Features---

- 9 playable characters

- one hundred randomly-generated flooring of loot, monsters, and minibosses

- Secret areas hidden in the walls

- A thriving city of tourists and eager explorers to discuss and trade their equipment

- Over 300 items, tools, spells, and crafting ingredients

- Mid-cave shops to purchase, sell, and enchant gear

- Sprawling skill tree featuring three distinctive play-kinds, or any mixture!

- A stunning soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope

- Museum for the hardcore collectors

- New Game mode to infinity

* 512 MB reminiscence or larger really helpful (most gadgets after ~2010)

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